Record Keeping for HSA's

TrackHSA helps you organize your HSA purchases, receipts, and reimbursements over time

TrackHSA is the first online record keeping software for Health Savings Accounts. Securely record the in's and out's of your HSA account, all backed up in the cloud. Record purchases, upload copies of receipts, and update when you are reimbursed. Track outstanding reimbursements to know how much you can withdraw tax free at any time. Minimize your taxes and audit-proof yourself by complying with IRS regulations.

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Benefits & Features

Record your HSA purchases and reimbursements

Your HSA activity is organized by year so you know how much was spent. Each purchase becomes a record that you can update over time, allowing you to quickly compile tax forms and future distributions.

Upload and store multiple receipts

For each HSA purchase, you can upload multiple receipts to justify the expense. These receipts proove that the funds from your HSA were actually spent on Qualified Medical Expenses.

Protect yourself from IRS audit

The IRS requires that you maintain records of your HSA purchases. provides this proof by storing receipts for HSA purchases. If you pay for purchases out of pocket, you can track and justify the reimbursement to the IRS when it occurs.

Online, secure, always available

Your HSA data is backed up securely in the cloud. This protects your from losing it due to a computer or disk failure. It is always available to you from any computer with an internet connection, and your data is protected as only you have access to it.

Simplify and reduce your taxes

Easily populate HSA tax form 8889 lines 14 and 15 each year. TrackHSA will total your qualified medical expenses each year, preventing you from over paying taxes.

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How to use TrackHSA

We help you maintain accurate HSA records throughout their lifecycle. A typical purchase involves the following:

As you accumulate transactions, TrackHSA organizes and classifies your transactions. This is useful at the end of each year when you file taxes, and in future years when you reimburse transactions that were paid out of pocket.

Account Overview

Upon logging in, the main page displays all of your HSA transactions. At a glance, you can see a history of all your HSA spending, amounts paid, amounts unreimbursed, and whether you have uploaded a receipt to justify the expense. You can sort thsese transactions by year, or view them all at once.

Record all of your HSA Spending

On the right of the main page is a form to record your HSA purchases. Per IRS requirements, these purchases must be qualified medical expenses, and the HSA Category dropdown list helps validate this. The more detail you enter about the transaction, the more information you will have in the future and the better you can maintain your HSA account.

Upload and View an Image of your Receipt

Because HSA spending is tax deductible, the IRS requires that you maintain proof that any HSA funds spent were for HSA eligible expenses. Uploading a quick photo of the receipt to TrackHSA ensures that if the IRS comes knocking, you can justify all of your HSA spending and the health tax breaks they offer. We recommend taking a clear picture with your phone and uploading that.

From the Summary Page, click on any of your transactions to see more detail or Edit that transaction. Here, you can also see the receipt linked to your transaction. On this screen, you can view, change, download, or delete the receipt linked to your purchase.

Image files (jpg, png, gif) will display a preview in the Edit form. For other file types (Word, PDF, etc.), a preview is unavailable, but they are saved and are available to download / replace / or delete.

Review and Edit Transactions

Once created, you can click into a given transaction from the summary page to edit it. You can update or modify any attribute of the transaction, attach images, or update reimbursed amounts paid from your HSA. You will be presented with an edit area on the right, and a summary of the transaction like this:

Most commonly, edits occur to correct purchases, add details, attach a receipt to the purchase, and account for purchase reimbursement from your HSA account. Keeping these transactions up to date helps maintain your records, accounts for your HSA account purchases / reimbursements, and makes filing taxes a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does cost?

Every user is entitled to a free 30 day trial, after which the site costs $1/mo. What else can you get for $1/mo?

What tax years does TrackHSA support?

You can enter HSA information for any year you have activity in the account - even for prior years.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. All payments are processed through Stripe, who handle billions of dollars in payments each year.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will make it right. If we cannot make it right, we will refund you the amount of your purchase.

Refund Policy

How many HSA purchases can I record?

As many as you like, in any year you like.

How many receipts can I upload to each transaction?

You can now upload multiple (unlimited) receipts to a give transaction. This is done after the transaction is created, so first create the transaction and then click it to upload images.

What is the "Amount Paid from HSA" input for?

There are many ways to pay for HSA transactions, and this field differentiates those paid directly from your HSA (perhaps with HSA debit card) and those you pay out-of-pocket and later reimburse from your HSA. The difference is recorded and shown in green as the amount you can withdraw from your HSA, tax free.

If I want to leave TrackHSA, can I get my data out?

Of course. Log into TrackHSA and click the Account menu. Below your account details is an option to Export all of your data, including links to images that you can download. That way, you can leave the TrackHSA platform at any time and not lose your data. (Note: if you uploaded actual files (e.g. PDF) as a receipt, you will need to download those manually from your HSA transaction.

What personal information do you collect?

Please review our Privacy Policy for full details. In summary, we only collect personal information you provide us, such as email address and HSA purchase and receipt information. We do not save credit card details - your payment information is securely processed through Stripe and not stored on our servers.

What steps do you take to protect my data?

We employ all reasonable methods from a programming / database perspective to protect user data (no plain text passwords, session management, secure password reset, etc.). In addition, we use SSL (https) on all areas of this website. All information is stored on secure servers expertly managed by Google. Payments securely processed by Stripe. More details can be found in our Privacy Policy.

I have suggestions / feedback or ideas on how to improve this site

We would be happy to hear this, get in touch using the Contact Form and we'll get back to you.

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